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    Sales as a percent of budget?

    Rick Dickens

      This seems like it should be SO easy, but I can't seem to figure out how to calculate sales as a percent of budget.  Hopefully I can describe this well, if not I'll attach something.  I've got a measure for "order sales" and a measure for "monthly budget", and I created a calculated field called BvA$ which is just [order sales]-[monthly budget].  I've got the date (year and month) for columns and a dimension (division) for the rows.  My measures are SUM(order sales), SUM(monthly budget) and SUM(BvA$) and that all works fine to give me the attached image.  But, I need to know how to calculate budget v actual % and add that in the next column.  It seems like it should be SO easy but I've been banging my head on the desk and searching the forums for 2 days.  Any help would be appreciated.



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Rick,


          Create a calculated field that is the sum([Budget])/sum([Sales])


          Then, if you want to make this appear as a percentage, right click on the calculation, select Field Properties-->Number Format-->Percentage...


          Finally, add the calculation to the Measure Values card.


          If this doesn't help answer the question, would it be possible to post a packaged workbook (twbx file)?


          Hope this helps!



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            Rick Dickens

            That was it, except it's sales/budget but thanks SO much!.  I was doing the sales/budget, and when I put it on the card it said SUM(measurename) but I didn't realize I had to sum each measure in the formula.


            Worked a treat.



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