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    Pass data from Tableau to another application.

    Daniel Spohn



      I'm looking for a way to pass data from Tableau 7.0 to another application. I'd like to take the currently selected data points from a chart and pass the IDs for those points to another application.


      My first thought was to create a URL Action, and pass the IDs in a parameter in the url string. Would then create a script to consume and parse those web requests and apply the data to the other application. However one of the downsides to this is that it is a GET web request and it looks like many web browsers will only support up to 2,000 characters (no large enough for my use case) in the URL string. Is there anyway to force Tableau to make a POST request (which would support more data being sent) with a URL action?


      Other than URL Actions, are there any other methods of sharing data with another application, other than downloading all the underlying data as a text file? Does Tableau have an SDK available?




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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Daniel -


          You've nailed it - URL actions which put your values on a querystring which get parsed by your webapp is the best (only!) way to go. There is no way to force this action to be a POST - you're stuck with GET


          Are you passing some sort of GUID/PK value into your LOB app? While not spacious, 2K characters is normally enuf to pass values


          There is no SDK for Tableau.

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            Daniel Spohn

            Thanks Russell.


            Yes we were looking at passing PK values into our LOB application. This will work if there are a small to intermediate number of values to pass in.


            This won't work if we were to attempt to pass in a large number of selections. For example I was testing with a scatter plot, where each point was a customer. With 5,000 customers on the scatter plot it was quite easy to exceed the 2,000 character limit.


            Thanks for your time and information.