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    Display First Record (time 0) then Last Value of Record in Each Period

    Brooke Bondur

      I need to display the rating history of "won" deals over time by Business Record ([WGOPPID]), Opportunity Record [Opportunity ID].  I want to display the [OldValue] at time zero as "First Old Value", including NULL values.  The remaining columns need to display the last [NewValue] in the record for each Month. 



      WGOPPID      OPPORTUNITYID           FirstOldValue           January     February     March...

      12-001134      0063000000qmrrvAAA        Null                           Null             1             3


      The Old and New values are from a table that has captures the new value, date & time for each instance the record is changed.  That table only contains data since Jan 15, 2012.  The ID records are from a separate table.  I have joined the tables on our SQL server.


      I have tried solutions offered in several threads including http://community.tableau.com/message/171599#171599 and http://community.tableau.com/message/172329#172329 but I haven't had complete success.  I have attached the workbook I've been using with the results I have been able to achieve so far.  What step(s) am I missing to get to the view I need?