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    Problems with Calculating Percentage

    Sarah Kline



      I have looked through the forum seeking the answer to this and have not been able to get around the problem, so I appreciate any help.  I feel like this must be something simple, and perhaps I need more caffeine, but I'm just not getting it.


      I am trying to calculate what seems like a simple percentage:


      Prospects Identified/Prospects Needed


      Prospects Needed is a calculated field (Donors Needed  * 7)


      Prospects Identified is a Count of ID in each grouping. 


      I am seeing the 'cannot mix aggregate and non aggregate' error when I enter the formula above.  I have tried using SUM and ATTR on Prospects Needed and the error disappears, but the resulting column is just blank.


      There are zeroes in the Prospects Needed field... so I'm wondering if dividing by zero is the issue?


      I would really appreciate any insight!