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    Change default license level for imported AD Groups

    Tim Latendress

      We are undertaking a wholesale shift in how we add/manage users on Tableau Server by moving almost exclusively to Active Directory groups. We have a Core license and plan to license every user on the server as an Interactor with no Publishing rights. Certain users we plan to manually assign as Publishers, etc.


      My issue is that when we add AD Groups every user comes in as Unlicensed by default. There is no check box that gives me the opportunity to bring them in as Interactors. I can go to the Users list, sort by License level, select everyone and assign them as Interactor. But this is going to be a hassle as we synchronize these AD Groups and Users are added -- and default to Unlicensed.


      So, what I would like to know is whether there is a config file somewhere that I can modify to default to Interactor?  It would be nice to set this option in a later version of Tableau.