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    Displaying the sub items in a line chart


      Suppose I have monthly total sales that is made up of sales of several different items. I can draw a line graph that would show how my total sales varied over time. I would like the user to be able to click at any point on the graph and see the Top selling items each month.

      Can this be done somehow in tableau?




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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hello Ram,


          Here's one way to do this, using the Superstore Sales data in the attached workbook:

          1. Create your line chart for Sales.

          2. Create another view that is a text table for Products.

          3. Create a dashboard. Drag your first two views onto the Dashboard.

          4.Go to the Dashboard menu and select Actions... Add a Filter action on Select with the source of Sales, and then Target of Products. Click OK.




          Now when a user clicks on a mark on the line in Sales, the Products view is filtered. I added a bit to the title of the Products worksheet to show the filtered data, you could do this with a calculated field as well that wouldn't show "All All" when no mark is selected.