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    Dashboard Linking

    Chris Toomey

      We manage a Program for a government client, which is delivered in multiple regions, made up of one or more countries.  We want to be able to report at multiple levels of aggregation: Program, Region, Country.  I've created dashboards, based on the same three extracts that show the different data...but I want to be able to navigate between them, or at least between the Region and Programs.  For example, in the Regional dashboard, I'd like to be able to execute an Action that when I right-click on a country I can filter down to that country's performance data.  I know I've seen similar deployments...but can't seem to find any examples. 


      If anyone has any examples of linked dashboards, they would be helpful. If necessary, I can drum up an example of what the sheets look like and maybe someone has some ideas of how to accomplish this type of drill down.


      Thanks in advance.