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    Dashboarding vs Excelification

    Praseed Thapparambil



      This is an issue pressing us right now...


      We have a few copies of Tableau right now, in an attempt to built better dashboards.


      However, we have a segment of the business community who have Excel spreadsheets based dashboards. No harm here .

      The problem is to get these folks to look at dashboarding differently.


      We have multiple Metrics like below...


      SSM2012 Actual2012 Budget2011 Actual
      Budgetary Quotes $$0$1,542,626$1,542,626
      RFQ LINES154661661 1213701471
      Quotes $$356,138$1,672,385$1,672,385128%151%153%$232,234$2,072,922$4,195,846
      Jobs Won $$106,633$839,794$839,79455%108%109%$225,605$2,017,459$3,576,213
      Win Rate %30%50%50% 97%97%85%


      The intention is to compare actual to budget as well as actuals from the last year...


      BulletGraphs seem like a way to do this..but, can it include last years data as well (3rd variable)..


      If I can demonstrate a way to show these kind of numbers in a dash; along with the ability of showing numbers within the graph as well...we would get these guys converted...


      Any ideas? Has anyone encountered this problem? Can anyone use the data above to build something which shows this?





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          Ryan Stryker

          Hi Praseed.  Can you be a little clearer on how you'd like to see this information depicted? It seems easy enough to create a series of graphs to show each metric's Actual vs Target and compare this performance against prior years:


          All Metrics.pngIf you're needing to show Actual vs Target vs Previous Year (Actual ?) on the same line, though, we might be looking at a different type of display altogether. I believe a dual axis bullet graph is possible, but it might be terribly confusing.

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            Praseed Thapparambil




            Thanks for responding.


            Your idea seems fine. I agree that dual axis bullet graph will be confusing.


            Actual vs Target vs Previous on the same line will be very interesting. What are your ideas on that one?

            Also, is it possible to have the actual number display on the edge of the graph? Meaning -- on the end of the bar can we see 661 appear on the graph? I am trying to balance people who need exact numbers and people who like the overall story , trend etc..,


            Thanks for this.



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              Ryan Stryker



              It's a very simple thing to add labels to marks in Tableau: just drop the desired measure -- in this case, the same measure we're illustrating with the bar -- into the Label shelf.



              The result:

              All Metrics With Labels.png


              As for the multiple-metric issue... perhaps it would be enough to show a simple bar chart for each year's actual and a reference line for the latest target.


              It seems counter-intuitive compare a previous year's actual against a current year's target, though.  The bullet chart above gives you the year-by-year comparisons without losing the performance context for each individual year.  Wouldn't you be handicapping the usefulness of the chart by losing that context?

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                Praseed Thapparambil



                You are right. What you have depicted should work. And thanks again for showing how labels can be built into this.


                I am going to give this a go. Appreciate this.