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    Having trouble converting from XLS to XLSX data sources.

    Forrest Adam

      I am using Tableau 7.0.  I originally created the workbook in 6.1.


      The workbook has 5 Excel (.XLS) files as the data sources.  Due to row limitations in .XLS, I have subsequently been dealing with .XLSX files and want to make the change to the data source in my workbook. 


      I open up the 7.0 repository and attempt to do an EXTRACT-REFRESH operation but pointing the data to the new file with the .XLSX extension. 


      The first message indicates it cannot find the .XLS version of the file, since it no longer exists..  so..  I say YES to replace it with another file, pointing it instead to the .XLSX version of the file, getting the following error message..


      There was a problem connecting to the data source ..


      Database error 0x800004005:  External table is not in expected format.


      This is obviously a bad way to go about this but I do not want to recreate my entire workbook from scratch.. 


      Any assistance is appreciated..