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    Create a "site map" of dashboards

    Emma Whyte



      I'm hoping someone might have done this before and can give me some advice.


      I am trying to create a "site map" of dashboards in a particular project for Tableau Server users.  I would like users to be able to log in, go to a dashboard named site map and be able to click on hyperlinks of dashboards, with a short description underneath. This is to explain where they can find certain pieces of information in the dashboards.


      We have found how to include hyperlinks in dashboards through a table in a worksheet.


      Is there a way to:


      • easily create a site map of dashboards within a project and explain to the user what is in them?
      • include a hyperlink to a dashboard that would automatically update if the name was changed?
      • do this in a way that is easy to display on a dashboard


      Or, if anyone has any other solutions as how to show users how to navigate a series of dashboards, such as best practices for naming dashboards, or making them user friendly, please let me know.



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          Ryan Stryker

          Hi Emma.


          The worksheet solution you mentioned (see the workbook attached to this KB article) is currently the best option, though it doesn't give you the dynamic updating capabilities you're looking for. 


          As an alternative, you can create a parameter for dashboard selection, which can be used to complete the URL in an action:


          Parameterized URL Action.png

          This isn't dynamic either, as you'd have to modify the parameter list to match the available dashboards and put descriptions in static text boxes.  An external data source of URLs and descriptions may be the simpler and more flexible solution.



          - Ryan

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            Emma Whyte

            Hi Ryan,


            Thanks very much for your help. It's good to know that we were on the right track. The parameter example is also very useful.


            Hopefully Tableau might put the ability to add in a table of contents / sitemap to Tableay Server in the future!