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    Easy (or so I would think) multiple table connection help

    Ryan Shirley

      Ok, so I am really struggling with a Data Connection. I have an Excel workbook of retail data...each worksheet in the workbook is a different year (so 2008 Retail Data, 2009 Retail Data, 2010 Retail Data, etc, etc...). I am trying to use the multiple tables options, and since all the headers are the same I would think it should be easy to get it all into 1 extract, but I just can't figure it out. Yes, I can manually copy each sheet and paste it into 1 Master Retail excel sheet, but since I am approaching 1 million rows of retail data it would soon be too large for a single Excel sheet to handle (I could easily go over 1 million if I went back farther than 2008, which may be requested down the road). I am trying to add all the tables, but can't get it to work...seems really easy. what am I missing?! Thanks for any help!!