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    Create table calculation from within a scope

    Odwani Thomas

      I am trying to generate what I thought would be a simple bar chart that shows the number of students with 1-2, 3-4, 5-9, and 10+ unexcused absences for a period of time. The table that I am pulling from has a list of unexcused absence instances with a corresponding School, Student ID Number, and Date. I am able to produce a list of all the student IDs and their calculated number of absences, but this is based on a table calculation (COUNT(Number of Records)) and I am not sure how to use these values to generate my desired chart. Am I going about this wrong?


      In the attached File:

      • Table of Data
        • The format of Data that I would be getting
      • Step 1
        • What I am able to produce using (COUNT(Number of Records))
      • Desired Outcome
        • Two sample charts to show what I am trying to get at