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    Mass Grouping / Aliases

      I am importing a set of ~1000 customer names.  I would like to auto-rename (alias) some of these and group together the others and rename (alias) those groups so that I can look at our biggest customers + meaningful groups of our smaller customers.


      The data is stored on a server and accessed via Microsoft Analysis Services.  I cannot edit this file.


      I would like to use a second file (such as an Excel file) or some other method to lookup the names / groupings I want to use and create a new dimension with this simplified and renamed list of customers.  For example:


      Original Data   Desired Dimension

      Customer A     Direct Customer

      Customer B     Direct Customer

      Customer C     Disti Customer

      Customer D     Disti Customer

      Customer E     Disti Customer

      Customer F     US Government

      Customer G     Heinz

      Customer H     Newman's


      Thoughts on how to do this?  Tableau has seen requests for this since 2008 - wondered if one had been delivered (or figured out) yet without requiring a server-side implementation.

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          You can try creating a mapping file in Excel that would determine what group each customer belongs to and then use data blending, i.e. joining the two files in Tableau, but depending on what you need to accomplish this may or may not work.

          I have tried it for one solution, but it didn't work in my case, so I ended up grouping in database (luckily, I could). There are many threads on data blending on this forum, you can search and see what comes up.