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    Can't edit Datasource connection when in Site

    Gabriel Gejman

      I'm having a problem with mi Data Sources. We upgraded to server version 7.0.1 and I created several Sites. We are connecting to a PostgreSQL DB using a tunnel on Desktop but without a tunnel on the Tableau server as they can "see" each other on their internal network setup.


      When I publish the datasData Sourceource to the server I need to edit the connection to connect to the DB without the tunnel. This is working when the Data Source is published to the Default site but not when it is published to a different Site. I get this message:


      No data connection with id 80. Skipping.

      No changes requested. Finished.

      Data Connection Error.png


      The exact same process works when the Data Source is on the Default site. Data sources can only be used within a Site so I need it published to same Site where I'm going to publish the workbooks.


      Any idea on how to solve it? It is happening to anyone else? I already sent a support ticket... let's see who gets the answer first.