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    column totals

    Dan Hoyal

      I'm trying to add column grand totals but they just don't show up.

      I have a report based on a DATABSE VIEW that contains text, integers, and money.


      Text1 100 $150

      Text2 102 $501


                 202 $651


      I can't get 202 and $651 to show up in the Grand Totals row.

      The data is NOT summed or counted by Tableau.  The data is raw right from a database view.

      I've tried the TABLE -> COLUMN GRAND TOTALS menu option, but it just shows a blank row.

      All values are DIMENSIONS that I've added to ROWS.  There are no FILTERS.  Nothing is in the MARKS section.

      I am using version 6 (not 7)


      I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you