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    Do filled maps exist for Canadian Postal Codes?

    Joseph Lalonde

      I'm using Tableau public and am looking at upgrading, but want to make sure about something first. I've been trying to create a filled map by Canadian postal codes. I managed to get Tableau to recognize the postal codes by using only the first three digits (it was throwing 'Unknown' errors if the complete postal codes were used). So it created points on a map with no problem. Changing the map from 'Symbol map' to 'Filled map' doesn't seem to do anything, it just keeps the little dots.

      Changing 'Marks' = 'Filled Map' doesn't do anything either.

      Level of Detail just has 'PostalCode' in it. Does that need to be changed?

      Here is a sample of my data source. As I mentioned anything other than the first three digits result in 'Unknown' errors.




      The only filters I have now is ProvinceAbbr = ON because the majority of them are in Ontario. Tableau seemed to recognize this, because once this filter was applied, it zoomed to a map of Ontario. tableau.png


      Here is a screen capture of the work in progress. As I mentioned, I want it to show a fill, not a series of dots. Clicking on Fill Map doesn't seem to do it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.