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    Filter dropdown

    Bob Nims

      I need a filter to either show landings gt 0 as default and all landings when selected


      The selector should only have two options...all or filtered by > 0


      How do I do it?  Sample workbook attached


      Title:           Runway Activity

      Option 1:     Recent Runway Activity                 FORMULA: TotalLandings > 0   Defaults to Recent

      Option 2:     Showall Runways                     

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          Bob Nims

          I got something to work with it.  Not as clean as I would like but we can call this one done for now.

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            David Spezia



            I have created a workbook with the solution inside.  I am curious if you came up with the same solution?  Could you please reply back with your solution to ease my curiosity?



            We can not set a custom list of values we want to display for the user to select using a Quick Filter, we are limited to all values in the dimension plus the default 'all' option.



            We can solve this through the use of a new parameter and calculation applied as a filter.

            1. Right click in the dimension panel and select 'Create Parameter...'
            2. Define the Parameter and an Integer as a List
            3. Enter the List Items with -1 as display 'All' and 0 as display '>0'
            4. Save the Parameter and Right Click on it in the Parameter Panel and Select 'Show Parameter Control' (The Parameter should appear on the right as a drop down list)
            5. Create a New Calculation as Follows 'IF [Landings] > [Parameter1] THEN "True" ELSE "False" END'
            6. Add the new Calculation to the Filter Shelf and Select to Show only 'True'


            You were very close, just missed the parameter piece.  Hope this helps.