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    Setting Parameters Via Http Get Parameters With Tabcmd / Embedded Links

      Hello friends -


      Is it possible to toggle parameters via tabcmd and/or the embed links, or can we only toggle filters? 


      Also, I have tried 'sharing' the links provided by tableau server with colleagues, and they are prompted to log in before it can be served up.  Similarly, pasting the javascript code into a new .html file and viewing that file locally results in a login prompt.  Is there a trick to getting around this?  I just don't see much point in having an embed link if all of the users need to log into the server to see it, they'd just log in and see it. 


      I'm struggling pretty hard to get 'automated' interaction with the server component to do what I need it to do.  Does anyone have any pointers outside of the exceptionally slim documentation set on this? 



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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Brian -


          Yes, one can set parameter values the same way you can play with filter values on your embed links.


          In the second scenario, we do prompt users to logon, and we do it on purpose. Just because they have the "Share" link doesn't tell Tableau Server that a person is acually allowed to see what is on the other side of that link.


          The idea behind embedding is to give people an easy way to drop Tableau content into their branded portals or websites without exposing the Tableau portal itself - For example, you might want to embed a single dashboard on a SharePoint page, but not allow people to surf through the whole Tableau Server willy-nilly.


          Can you give us a better idea of what your goals are? Based on the context of your message, I'm guessing you want to allow "your" Website to authenticate the user, and when a user hits a page on the Website afterwards, you want the Tableau viz to show automatically, assuming that if the Website OK'd the user to hit the page, then it's OK for Tableau to show it. If you would, give us your "perfect" scenario, ala:


          1. User logs into my website

          2. User navigates to to a page using a menu on my website called "dashboard"

          3. User sees Tableau dashboard without having to login inside the page.