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    Handling Duplicate Rows After Joining

      I'm currently testing out Tableau and seem to be stumbling with the proper way to handle joins.  Here's some background and what I've tried:


      I have two tables, one is a table of persons and the other a table of operating systems.


      When I'm generating a graph that shows two dimensions and I just need to take a count of distinct matching records, I can do this without issue. In this example, each person has a gender and their preferred programming language specified, so I can quickly generate a graph that breaks down preferred languages as a column, and then a stacked chart of the distinct count of genders.


      Additionally, each person has ranked their comfort with the language on a scale of 1-5.  I want to graph the average comfort of individuals by language.  The problem now appears that I can't seem to exclude duplicate rows resulting from my join.  I've tried adding CNTD(personID) to the filter pane, but that does not affect my output.


      Since I will need to do reporting on Operating System, too, I can't just disjoin the data.  If I were pulling this data directly from a database, I suspect it would look something like:


      SELECT DISTINCT P.language, AVG(P.languageComfort)

      FROM Person P

      INNER JOIN OperatingSystem OS ON OS.personID = P.personID

      GROUP BY P.language


      Any help or guidance would be appreciated.