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    Joining cube data with sql tables

      Hi Everybody


      I´m a bit of a noob in Tableau and I would like some assistance in joining cube and SQL data.


      Currently I have data coming from a cube (MS Analysis Services) and I'm trying to blend in data from separate SQL tables based on date.

      Whenever I do it between SQL tables everything works but the second I try to create a relationship with SQL tables and the cube it doesnt work.


      So I'm wondering what should I change in the cube (data types or should I construct the date dimension in a certain way to be able to blend cube data to SQL data), or should I try something else altogether?


      Kind regards,


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Mart,


          Cubes cannot be secondary data sources, they can only be the primary data source. If this isn't the problem, maybe you can take a screen shot so that we can see what fields the relationship(s) are on?



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            Hi Tracy


            Thanks for a quick reply.

            I checked an indeed the Cube is designated as the primary and the SQL is
            secondary and below is the way that I did the relation



            This is what the „describe“ function returns for the SQL DEP_DATE

            Role: Discrete Dimension
            Type: Database column
            Remote column: [DATA].[DEP_DATE]
            Remote type: Datetime
            Contains NULL: No
            Status: Valid
            Domain (20 of 1 872 members)
            3.02.2008 0:00:00
            4.02.2008 0:00:00
            5.02.2008 0:00:00


            Whereas the description for the date in the Cube is as follows:


            Date (Date)
            Type: Attribute
            Remote name: [Date].[Date].[Date]
            Hierarchy Date (Date)
            Level style: Distance from root
            Level number: 1
            Status: Valid
            Domain (20 of 2 193 members)



            Could this be the reason for it, meaning that I would need to TRIM the zeros from the secondary source date before importing it to Tableau from SQL.


            P.S. this is the result that I get currently



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              Maddy Pena

              Hi! did you per chance find a solution for this?

              I have the same scenario and no clue on why is not working, even though both fields are "dates" and have the same format.