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    Tableau export improvements

    Alexander Baker

      We have some users who want to be able to see a cross tab with formatting, either in excel or pdf. Definately not in MDB or text file. They are looking for something that can be send to folks in a traditional (non packaged workbook or html) format.


      You'd think, ah tableau can handle this with the export to cross tab feature, it also has the pdf export, so no problem.


      Well I thought that too, however you'd be naive to think either are really production ready or fit for purpose.


      1. Export to excel honours limited formatting from the cross tab, not really usable. No WISIWIG here.


      2. Export to PDF, no paging and you only see what you can see on the single page, if you have a cross tab that extends with a horizontal scroll bar then you are out of luck. Again not really fit for purpose. Most reports extend to more than a single A4 page.


      So the question remains, how to see the report, but not in Tableau? does anyone have any thoughts, ideas or even solutions?