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    Where's the filter?

      I have a dashboard that is all set up and ready to go. My editor decides to add a new column of data to the original excel table. Everything updates. I add the new info by selecting it and choosing 'quick filter'. The new filter appears on the sheet. It does NOT appear in the dashboard. There is a space for it, but it just does not appear. How do I get this dashboard to update with the new filter? ( using Tableau Public v7)

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Robert,


          You can add the quick filter for with the new field by clicking in the upper right corner of the sheet that should be affected by the quick filter, select Quick Filters-->desired field. Hope this helps!



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            David Spezia

            Hello Robert,



            You are expecting the Dashboard to reflect the changes to a Worksheet, unfortunately a Worksheet and a Dashboard are separate concepts in Tableau.  A Dashboard is a direct reflection of the Worksheets used at the time of Dashboard creation.



            In order to reflect the changes of the Worksheet in the Dashboard you must first remove the Worksheet from the Dashboard then Add it back in.  Presto, your filter should now be displayed in the Dashboard.  Remember to re-upload your workbook to Tableau Public.


            Hope this helps!