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    Embedded Date Parameters Into Server

      Hello friends -


      I've got a dashboard that has discrete 'Day' (i.e., March 20, 2012) filter on it.  The user selects a date, and the visual paints.  I have been tasked with getting an embedded solution in place.  What I need to be able to do is scroll through N visualizations, and have them display the current days data.  But, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the date parameter to go appropriately embedded in the url. 


      I have been able to successfully get some parameters to be accepted as embedded inputs; i.e.,




      Does what I need it to, except it won't choose a date, and this means that I'll always get the day that the workbook was published, and a week from now, it will render blank because I am only viewing a weeks worth of data.   [grrrrr.....]


      So, I really need to be able to embed the date and have the filter pay attention.  I've tried everything I can think of; i.e.,




      http://myTableauServer/views/daily-workload-dashboard/DailyWorkloadDashboard?embed=y&Utility-Formatted=Water&Day(WorkCompleteDate)=March19, 2012




      I have tried twenty or so variations on the parameters above.  I have run the March 20, 2012 through a URL encoder and pasted that.  Nothing renders, though in some instances I will get a message back telling me that Tableau server has killed the session. 


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.