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    Display message when no resultset is returned?

      I have some Custom SQL Queries inserted into Tableau that do not return any resultset.


      What I would like to do is to have my worksheet display "No results found" if there is no resultset returned. 


      If it is not possible on the actual worksheet, is there a way to display that message on the Dashboard when the worksheet is empty?


      Has anyone discovered a good way to do this?  I have tried quite a few different things and have had no success.


      Any assistance would be appreciated.




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          Graeme Frost

          Hi Bridget

          I have had a similar issue and solved it....so you may be able to use this approach.

          1. Create customsql where your input table is Unioned to a set of dummy records - 1 for each (say) company.  The measures will should be 0 so they don't affect your base data - but the Company ID/Name will be present.
          2. In your worksheet create a calculated field something like this:

          if Total(sum([Value],0)) = 0

          Then 'Sorry - but we don't not have data for this company'

          else ''


            3.   Then put the calculated field as the first pill on the Columns Shelf.  Fomat the text.


          The message will appear across the top.