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    Symbol color manipulation

      The color editing in 7 is wonderful.  However, I've hit something I don't know how to do.


      I have a scatter plot of points whose values range from 1 to 10.  I want the 1's to be red.  I want 2-10 to be some other color, fading in intensity as the number gets higher.


      1.  Can I manually change the color of just one or two individual symbols?

      2.  Can I create a custom color scheme that "converges" instead of diverges?  (i.e. in converging the center of the spectrum would be black or very dark, as opposed to "diverging" where the center of the spectrum is faded i.e. pale.


      I suspect these are just outside Tableau's reach, and I'll end up doing a manual overlay in an image-editing program, but could use suggestions please!