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    Can I display a bespoke image or web page based on Tableau Server user???



      I have a dashboard on which I would like to display an image which will change depending on which Tableau Server user is viewing it.  I would like this image to be displayed as the dashboard is loaded not as the result of an action.


      This seems to be straightforward in Tableau Desktop where I can use <User Name> within the web page URL.  So if I am logging in to Tableau Server as ‘Test’ and my URL is set to  C:\<User Name>.jpg then Tableau Destop will display file C:\local\DPG_Demo.jpg.


      However I can’t get this to display images stored on our Tableau Server.  Is this possible?


      I’ve also tried CURRENTUSER() within a Calculated Field to build a URL address for a web page but Tableau doesn’t seem to like calculated fields in the URL (but it does work with parameters).


      I’m using v7 for both Desktop and Server.


      Any assistance will be gratefully received…