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    Formatting percent in title

      I'm having a problem with the format of a percent in a title in a dashboard.  It's showing up as a long decimal.  I tried going to the worksheet, and formatted the number as a percent there, but it didn't change the format in the dashboard title.  Does anybody know how to display the number in the dashboard title as a percent rather than a long decimal?

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          Jonathan Drummey

          If you format the number in the Measures view (as opposed to clicking on the pill in the worksheet and selecting Format... from the drop-down menu) then the format used in the Title will change.


          Otherwise you'd need the calculation to be something like:


          STR(ROUND([calculation],0)) + "%"



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            Thanks, Jonathan, that was a great tip!  I went to the Measures view, and clicked on the measure I was trying to format as a percent, and went to the Format drop-down menu, but couldn't find an option for formatting the number, which is odd consdiering the title "Format" of the drop-down!  However, when I right-clicked on the measure, it brought up a menu, which included "Field Properties".  I hovered over this and it brought up a "Number format..." option which allowed me to change the format to a percent, and now the title appears as desired.  Thanks for your help on this!


            - Jon Naatjes

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              Jonathan Drummey

              You're welcome!