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    Using "Measure Values" as basis for a Table Calculation

    Jeremy Witt

      Hi, I'd like to Show Percent of Total on a stacked Bar chart (created using Measure Names/Measure Values for blending)



      date          A    B

      1/1/2000   100  50

      2/1/2000   500  25


      I figured that since I use Measure Values on the Label shelf to show the absolute value on the bars, I could create a Table Calculation on that to generate and show the Percent of the Total of each bar... But it doesn't appear that I can add a Table calculation using Measure Values, so I'm stumped.  [This is the only way That I know to access the blended data]


      Is there another way? or something fundamental I'm missing about how to access the data relating to the measure currently being referred to?