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    OData and Tableau

    Ivy Chen



      I have a OData Source that different entries have different numbers of properties. Sorry, I cannot share the connection of data source.


      It is like


      <entry><id>http://localhost:8080/odata/X/Items('item_1')</id><title type="text"></title><updated>2012-03-15T01:13:38Z</updated><author><name></name></author><link rel="edit" title="Items" href="Items('item_1')"></link><category term="X.Items" scheme="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices/scheme"></category><content type="application/xml"><m:properties><d:sid>item_1</d:sid><d:cost>2</d:cost><d:name>sale_one</d:name><d:created_at>2012-03-01</d:created_at><d:incrementcost>1</d:incrementcost><d:quantity>5</d:quantity></m:properties></content></entry>

      <entry><id>http://localhost:8080/odata/X/Items('item_1')</id><title type="text"></title><updated>2012-03-15</updated><author><name></name></author><link rel="edit" title="Items" href="Items('item_2')"></link><category term="X.Items" scheme="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices/scheme"></category><content type="application/xml"><m:properties><d:sid>item_2</d:sid><d:weight>2</d:weight><d:quantity>5</d:quantity></m:properties></content></entry>



      The question is: will Tableau parse all entries using the properties of the first item, and ignore the extra properties of the second and other items? I mean normalize all entries to have the same dimension.


      How to get all items and all properties into Tableau? Shall I separate the OData source into different ones?




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          Lu Sien Tan
          1. Tableau will first try look if $metadata is available. If it is, it will try use that to get the metadata.
          2. Otherwise, as you mentioned, it will use the first row to guess the metadata. It will ignore any other fields that's not in that first row.


          I can't think of a way of getting all the properties at the moment. I assume that you are simply the odata feed consumer? (If you're the producer/implementator, simply stick all fields into the first row).


          I hope that helps or at least clarify things.

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            Ivy Chen

            Yes, I am the consumer of the OData. But this is helpful, I can talk to our engineer now. Thank you.