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    Semi-Global Date Filtering / Multi-Date Display Problem

      Hello gurus -


      I've got plenty of data collected by day which I can dashboard great.  The relative date filter works out, but I know the next question from the overlords is going to be something like this:


      I want to see timeframe X (last month, last quarter, whatever), and the same set of data for the previous year.  In other words, if a relative time filter was set to past 30 days, my dashboard would show 2/14/12 - 3/12/12, but I'd like it to also show 2/14/11 - 3/12/11.  Unfortunately, my eventual user base cannot be counted on to drive multiple date selection components, I need to work really hard to reduce the need to click, and further complicating matters, a dashboard supporting this will probably need four panels. 


      I have to believe that display of similar time ranges has been hacked through by someone. 


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.