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    Using cubes as flat files in Tableau Desktop

      Dear all,


      maybe someone has an idea how the following could be realised.


      Our customers are using Jedox Palo as an OLAP server (premium edition: http://www.jedox.com/en/ , community edition: http://palo.net/). Unfortunatly, Palo is not supported by Tableau as a data source. Therefore, we are thinking about periodically exporting the cubes into flat files and making the flat files available in Tableau Desktop to deliver more value to our customers.


      Our customers have the following requirements:

      - It should be easy for the user to open the exported data as a whole in Tableau Desktop. The user shouldn't have to open several single files.

      - The unified dimension model should be preserved in Tableau Desktop. Dimension elements of different cubes should be linked automatically. The user shouldn't have to join any tables or fields manually as this is already modeled in the OLAP server.

      - The hierarchies of dimensions should be preserved (or automatically rebuild) in Tableau Desktop.


      Can this be done with Tableau Desktop in a way that is not "halfhearted" in the eyes of the user?