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    URL Action problem on iPad app

    Chris Kearns


      I am using a simple URL Action to pass an address to a Google Maps URL: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=<Address>

      It behaves as I expect in Desktop (7.0.1) and Server (via Firefox 10). I.e. I can activate the URL from the tooltip or the right-click menu and launch a browser window with Google Maps and it successfully passes in the address value.

      It does not work the same in the Tableau iPad app (7.0.1). Tapping on the URL link in the tooltip results in nothing occuring. I.e. no Safari session is launched.

      If I remove the <Address> part from the URL Action and publish the workbook to Server, then tapping on the URL link in the tooltip on the iPad works, but obviously the Address value is not passed to the Google Maps search.

      It appears that the iPad app is not handling the passing of field values in the URL?

      Here is a simple .twbx published in Tableau Public with 2 rows of Excel data pasted in as a data source that demonstrates the problem: http://public.tableausoftware.com/static/images/UR/URLActioniPadproblem/URLActionwithAddress/1.png

      I've also attached the .twbx file.

      Has anyone had any experience with this on the iPad app and know of any work-arounds? Am I missing something?