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    Zoom to point problem


      I am showing points on a map along with their attributes.

      I have one data sheet and one map sheet on a dashboard connected through a filter action. When I select one location from the data sheet, the map zooms out so bad, I can see 1/2 of N America on the map.When I select 2 locations, the zoom level is just right, enough to show both points.

      Please help



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          Richard Leeke

          I recall one of the Tableau folk (James I think) explaining the reason for this behaviour a long time ago. The problem is that when you select one point Tableau has no idea of the context of your viz, so has no way of telling the zoom level to use. When you select two or more points it can work out the size of a bounding box needed to enclose both points and then zooms out a bit. I have a vague feeling that in the case of a single point it bases it on the size of some enclosing geographic region - like state or country (but I might be wrong on that).


          So I think that's why. I don't know of any way to do anything about it, though.

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            Thank you, this was helpful, we are creating some prototypes and I have to know if there are issues..and it looks like there are