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    Broadband mapping tutorial not working: counties unknown



      I'm starting with Tableau Public 7.0.1

      Following the first tutorial for Broadband mapping.xls, that is Video 01: How it Works

      I'm using the Excel file on the same page that can be downloaded here:



      Now, if I open this file, it recognizes the field names fine and shows in the left column everything like it should be.

      However, when I click on County and click Show Me - Map, it processes and then says >3k unknowns.

      So all counties are unknown, the same for states.


      If I open the accompanying twbx file, it shows the map correct.

      After removing all sheets and removing all dimensions from the first sheet, I can redo these actions and now it shows the map correct.

      Any idea what is going wrong here?


      For the import I chose exactly the same options as in the demo (the defaults that is)