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    Can I enforce parameters from a url onto multiple tabs?

    Mark Holtz

      We have a website dashboard external to Tableau and we are attempting to utilize Tableau as a drill-down tool.  The dashboard is a simple table with metrics as columns and clients as rows.


      Users can click on a metric column on the dashboard, which has been set up to be a link to a Tableau workbook published on Tableau Server holding drill-down data about that metric.  We are passing the values which identify what row the metric was on the original dashboard (a Database name and Client name) through the url to Tableau to be used as filters.


      So when the users "arrive" on the drill-down in Tableau, they land on a main drill page for that specific row (Database-Client) from the original dashboard.


      But, we also have additional sheets showing related data in the drill-down Tableau workbook.

      When clicking on a 2nd sheet in the workbook, the url still displays the parameters, but they don't seem to get applied to any subsequent sheets.

      If I REFRESH the browser screen, the view then applies the parameters, but it doesn't start out that way!


      I've attached a screenshot sample of the main dashboard as well as 2 screenshots of the drill workbook.

      (I altered all links to say "company intranet")


      Clicking on the "Charge Actual to Goal KPI" metric on the dashboard for the Client 4700 row (dashboard sample.jpg) inserts parameters into the url like this: http://companyintranet.com/views/ChargeDrillDownLayer1/ChargeDrill1?DataSourceID=SJT&ClientID=4700

      and takes the user to the main drill. (drill sample.jpg)

      But on the 2nd tab called "Carrier Type" I cannot seem to get the parameters to automatically apply... (drill sample 2.jpg)


      Again, if I refresh the page after moving to the 2nd drill page, it will apply the parameters, just not initially--which is what I want.