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    How do I set the "Range of Values" Minimum for bins

    Catherine Petry

      Hi - I want to compare the attached histogram from workbook to workbook and so I want identical minimum and maximum values when I create the bins.  The distance is set to 5 degree bins and the lowest value in this workbook is 15.0, so the lowest bin starts with 15.  I'd like to set it to 0, so that when I look at the workbook where the lowest value is 10.3 (so the 5-10 bin will be zero), the axis ranges will be the same in both workbooks (0, 180) and I can visually compare the results.  How do I get the bin function to include the "zero-value" bins of 0-5 and 5-10?  or alternatively, set the x-axis to display 0-180 (which I was also unable to find a way to do)?  Thanks!