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    Extract Changes Case of String?

    Joshua Milligan

      Has anyone ever seen this?


      What's happening is that I have a data set in which the value of one of the attributes is "HELOC" (all upper case).  When I connect live to the data, the data comes through as "HELOC".


      However, when I extract the data, the value changes to "Heloc" (title case).  I can go back and forth between extract/no extract and this issue repeats itself consistantly.  My data source is a view in SQL Server 2005.  I'm running Tableau Desktop v. 6.1.2.



      This issue causes another problem in that I'm using the field as a linking field to a secondary data source.  That data source (which actually uses the same underlying data table for this field) always comes through as "HELOC" whether it is using an extract or not.  However, the data is not linked when the primary data source is using the extract and shows "Heloc".