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    Filtering on Mapped From To

    Vusi Nkomo



      I followed the steps in the tutorial to create a pair for each data point to allow me to use paths to plot spatial direction data on a map. I however would like to be able to filter in the attached workbook to show the delivery points for any single Loading town...or on the other hand all loading towns that have delivered to a delivery town. Any suggestion or assistance will be greatly appreciated. Attached is the original Excel file, and also a packaged workbook with the paired data points.



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          Tracy Rodgers



          Create a calculated field similar to the following and place it on the filter shelf:


          if startswith([PathID], 'Durban') then 'From Durban'

          elseif endswith([PathID], 'Durban') then 'To Durban'

          elseif startswith(PathID, 'Brits') then 'From Brits'

          elseif endswith(PathID, 'Brits') then 'To Brits'

          elseif startswith(PathID, 'Bethal') then 'From Bethal'

          elseif endswith(PathID, 'Bethal') then 'To Bethal'

          elseif startswith(PathID, 'Bronkhorstspruit') then 'From Bronkhorstspruit'

          elseif endswith(PathID, 'Bronkhorstspruit') then 'To Bronkhorstspruit'

          elseif startswith(PathID, 'Carolina') then 'From Carolina'

          elseif endswith(PathID, 'Carolina') then 'To Carolina'





          Hope this helps!



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            Vusi Nkomo

            Thanx a lot...works brilliantly