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    Switching between specific username and integrated security once worksheet is published to the Tableau Server.

    Daniel Spohn



      We've just installed Tableau Server 7.0 on a server in our data center. I'm having trouble getting Windows NT Integrated Security working for us.


      Our data center runs on a separate domain from our corporate intranet. From our corporate computers we cannot use Windows NT Integrated Security to connect to any database servers in our data center. In order for us to authenticate to our SQL Server databases we connect through a VPN connection and use sql server logins, which is fine for development purposes.


      However we would like for Tableau to use Windows NT Integrated Security once the worksheets have been published to the server. Since the Tableau server is located in the same domain as the database servers, I suspect that this should work successfully. The Tableau Server processes are currently running as a domain user that has access to connect and query the SQL Server databases. However I'm unable to find any why to change the authentication method to be different than what was used in Tableau Desktop (ie. Since a username and password were specified in the Data Source in Tableau Desktop, there appears to be no way to change to Integrated Security once it's been published).


      Any ideas on how we can get Integrated Security working for us, other than having to connect our Corporate and Data Center domains?