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    Applying different discounts to branches based on the size of a parent company



      I have a dataset that includes sales information to a number of child companies. Each child company falls under a parent company. In my dataset there are 1300 lines, each representing a different child company, all of which roll up to 100 parent company's, where the parent company is denoted in one of the fields in the data.


      I would like to see what profit would have been by child company had I offered a discount based off of the size of their parent company. For example, if the parent company had total sales greater than $100k I would have given them a 10% discount, if the parent company had sales greater than $1MM I would have given them a 15% discount, etc.


      When creating my calculated field, how do I apply different discounts to the individual child company's based off of the sum of sales to the parent company?


      Thank you for your help.