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    Re-appearing tooltip

    . Matthew

      Based on advice found elsewhere on the forum I have taken to using legends that act as a filter by using a small separate viz and a dashboard action.

      These filter/legends are very user intuitive and as such tooltips are unnecessary, so I like to turn them off.  Doing some testing today I have noticed that they are not quite as off as I'd like them to be.


      In the attached workbook the tooltip has been turned off by clearing the tooltip window and unchecking the 'include command buttons' box.  So when you hover over anywhere on the viz, as you'd expect, there is no tootltip.  However, if you select on any of the regions - the words, not the boxes - suddenly a tooltip with command button makes a re-appearence.


      Have I missed something and is there another way to turn off tooltips or is this what might be called an undocumented feature?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi Matthew. No you're not missing anything. This was a major over-sight in the latest release. They added this new tool tip in 7.0, but did not give us any control over it. And it can get pretty ugly:



          My end-users don't have a clue what Measure Values means. And when they click the quick sort buttons they break the automatic sort I placed on the view. So I'm with you, being able to turn off all tool-tips, certainly all the command buttons, is high on my wish list. Hopefully soon.



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            Joe Mako

            there are a few other formatting steps that you need to take to get the effect you are looking for.


            - place your text on the Label shelf

            - un-show the header for the pill on the Rows shelf

            - add AVG(1) to the Columns shelf

            - set it to a fixed axis range, and un-show the header

            - clear your manual formatting, and set the Size slider

            - set the boarders to none

            - format the worksheet title


            with that you can have a dashboard that looks like the attached, and there will be no tool tips. I also find it is easier to deselect the mark with the approach.

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Hey Joe I just opened your workbook and got this:


              Am I missing something?



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                Joe Mako

                I read this as a question about creating a worksheet to act as a legend, and wanting those tool-tips turned off. On the dashboard, can you tell that there is no color legend, just two worksheets? and when you hover over a mark on the legend worksheet, do you get a tool-tip?


                Shawn, I think you are addressing a similar, but different concern in your thread, and you may want to start an idea thread for adding the option to completely turn off tool-tips. I would vote it up

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Here you go Joe: http://community.tableau.com/ideas/1168 This link is broken I guess you can't link to an idea, even if the thread spawned the idea. So go to ideas and search for:


                  Ability To Turn Off Tool Tips.




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                    Jerome Bouton

                    Hi Mattew,


                    Try the trick below, it's easy and quick to do ...


                    dialog box.png


                    Then there is no more Tooltip on the sheet.

                    I use this trick mixed with actions to filter multiple sheets on one dashbord.


                    Say me if it's what you were looking for.



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                      Shawn Wallwork

                      Jerome, WAY cool pix! Especially the call-outs with drop-shadows! I want some of those. What did you use to create these?


                      As to the content of your post, I think you'll find he already did what you're talking about. The problem is the new (in 7.0) tool tips on the axis aren't controlled by the edit tool tip box you're pointing to. But this is a great post for anyone not knowing how to suppress the main tool tips. It should be branched into a thread of it's own.


                      And please let me know about the call-outs. Thanks,



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                        . Matthew



                        Thanks for your responses here.  They are both interesting and helpful.


                        @Shawn. You've understood the issue completely and even though there is no immediate solution, it's good to hear from a fellow sufferer!

                        @Joe.  Sorry my initial explanation set you off on the wrong path.  Incidentally it was your great advice that got me onto the legend/filter approach in the first place.  So thanks for that.

                        @Jerome.  Yes I have done exactly as you suggested but the problem is still there.  Anyhow, as Shawn already said, you made a really great explanation which I am sure many others will find helpful.



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                          Jerome Bouton



                          I use "Snagit" from Techsmith.

                          That's a tremendous timer saver, and it doesn't cost so much.

                          If you need more infos about it, feel free to ask.



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                            Jerome Bouton

                            Shawn, Mattew,


                            You are definitely right, i should have spent more time reading the first post and
                            should have checked on more various situations.


                            Actually, I tested my answer on one of my dashboard having multiple sheets inside,
                            and the defect only appears on the selected sheet, not on the others.

                            Obviously, it seems I tested only on the non selected sheets, sorry for that guys !



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                              Andy Cotgreave

                              FWIW, I've also fed this internally to our product feedback group. How would you like to see it improved? I see various options:

                              1. The ability to remove Keep Only/Exclude from dimension headers

                              2. Have them removed by default

                              3. Make the text more sensible

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                                Shawn Wallwork

                                Morning Andy. First thanks for flagging this internally, sure would be nice to have a solution for this issue.


                                If you're talking about a short-term solution, then I'd vote for #2. Long-term I'd like control over which tool-tips show, and which don't. As well as what they say and how they say it. And finally what command buttons are available on which tool tips. Rather than trying to explain this with words I mocked up a sample menu tree...

                                TT Show.png

                                It seems there are three areas tool tips currently show in. The ability to turn each of them on or off would be very useful.


                                TT Edit.PNG


                                These three areas then need to be edited individually. Selecting one would lead to the Edit Tool Tip box:


                                TT Edit Box.PNG

                                Note, the Command Buttons at the bottom. We need to be able to decide which ones to show for each of the individual tool tips.



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                                  Andy Cotgreave

                                  Nicely described Shawn - I'll pass this on.