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    How can I date-align two Gantt Charts in a dashboard?

      Hi everyone,


      I have two data sources for different types of equipment, each containing equipment statuses and timestamps. Both data sources look roughly like this...


      Start Datetime
      End Datetime
      Stackerrunning2012-01-04 16:302012-01-04 21:17
      Stackerslowed2012-01-05 00:452012-01-05 01:24



      I have a Gantt chart for each. I'd now like to put both Gantt charts into a dashboard, such that the date axes in both are aligned and I can control the date ranges from a single control. Is there any way to do this through filters or parameters? I realize using either Gantt's zoom controls will mess up the date alignment.


      Ideally I'd UNION both data sources in Tableau so I can use a single Gantt, but it seems that Tableau can't UNION two data sources. The other alternative may be to UNION them in Excel and connect directly to that. Unfortunately, the Gantt will no longer be "live".


      Any ideas?


      Thanks kindly,