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    Reference Line removal when filtering date range

    P Fro

      I'll try to explain this one as simply as possible:


      I have a line graph with values on the y axis and a date range on the x axis showing days from 2010-2010. I want to add dashed reference lines to the x axis for specific dates that are not recurring (like "Mail Drop 1" or "Fall Event"). Easy enough, BUT, when I filter the date range to show a range outside of any one of the reference lines, the lines still appear as part of the view and it "crams" the relevant values over to the side. I want to just focus on the area that I am drilling into and ignore any reference lines outside of that range so that I have a nice expanded and focused view of a smaller date range. I've tried using parameters instead but I get the same effect. Any ideas? Do I need to actually add a field to include these dates? (Thanks in advance!)

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Peter, I was able to reproduce the same result you described, and I also couldn't figure a way around this issue, at least not with a filter. But not all is lost. Just this morning I read a James Baker post mentioning that you can turn on zoom controls in any viz. The default is 'hide' except for maps. I just tested this on a date graph and it works great. It eliminates the reference lines and moves in on the part of the graph you want to look at. You can even scroll along the graph, by pressing and holding the shift-key you get the hand cursor. (FYI: the click and hold for a second does NOT produce the hand cursor like it does on maps. Yea! But keep this to yourself because I absolutely hate that 'feature' and don't want them to 'fixing' it here. Now if they'll only get rid of it on maps!)


          Anyway, I think this does what you want, just not as a filter. Hope this helps.



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            P Fro

            Shawn, yes that does work. Thank you for your help! That is basically the look I am going for. Unfortunate that it appears you can't use a filter to make it a little more user friendly, but this approach still gives the desired result.