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    User activity audit

    Ryan RS



      could anyone suggest the best way of running some user audit? I am trying to find how many times X set of user logged in the last 1 week and their activity.


      I can get some data from 'Maintenance – User Activity' but its not very helpful cos if you want to get data for multiple users, it does not break it down. you have to do it 1 by 1.


      Also, I tried connecting to the metadata directly but get the  error message saying 'an error occured while communicating with the data source'


      And yes I did run 'tabadmin dbpass [password] on the server first.


      Any ideas?




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          Did you try connecting to it from the a localhost connection?  I ran into this problem too.  If you are connecting Tableau Desktop to the Tableau Server's postgresql database from another IP you will need to add your IP address to the pg_hba.conf file on the server.


          Here are the instructions:




          This becomes a problem if your PC's IP is setup as DHCP... You will need to change the ip each time and restart Tableau Server, or request a static ip and make the change to the .conf file.


          Good luck.

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            Ryan RS

            Hello Gus


            Yes, I am able to connect from the server but not any other machine. I added the ip address in the file you mentioned, but still get the same error. Not sure what am I missing.


            Also, can you connect to the metadata on the server from a query editor? we need to start capturing the data in it, since it gets wiped out every 7 days. let me know if you have any suggestions there..

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              Here is the exact copy of my pg_hba.conf file (the part you need to configure using my ip addresses)..


              What is interesting is I add my computer's ip address and save it.... stop/start tableau server and this is what happens to my entries... it allows my computer to connect to Tableau's PostgreSQL.


              TYPE  DATABASE    USER        CIDR-ADDRESS          METHOD


              # IPv4 local connections:


              host    all         all             trust

              host    all         all     trust

              host    all         all            trust   

              host    all         tableau               md5


              IPv6 local connections:

              host    all         all         ::1/128               trust

              host    all         tableau     ::0/0                 md5




              While I can see a lot of tables, Tableau appears to only let you send queries to table views.  I get a permission error when I try to read regular tables.


              Here are the views that are available: