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    Pie Chart Filtering

    Bob Nims

      I like being able to display a pie chart on a map.  It helps me to visualize quantitys or status for an area.  Here is my problem...


      I want to be able to show the pie chart and use it as a filter selector when I click on it.  This works great for filtering by the portion of the pie but not for the whole pie.  For example...I have a pie on a map that has apples and oranges in it.  The pie represents a seattle store.  I would like to be able to click anywhere on the pie and have it filter just to the Seattle level.  Not just apples or oranges...I want both. 


      I am attaching a sample workbook so you can see what I mean.  If you click on part of the pie in Seattle it will filter to either apples or oranges.  I want it to just filet to Seattle.  So rather than having Seattle, Oranges and the filter I just want Seattle.  Is this possible using Tableau?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Bob,


          A couple of options. The first is to hold down Ctrl on your keyboard while you select post slices of the pie. Another option is to lasso the entire point/pie on the map. For either of these options, you can then double click so that the view zooms in on the view.


          The other option is to make the Details sheet a filter as well. When the user select Seattle on that sheet, the map view will zoom in on both Apples and Oranges in Seattle.


          Hope this helps!



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            Shawn Wallwork

            Hi Bob, I changed your action filter, adding a Target Filter on store name, which works to filter the table.



            Hope this is what you were looking for.




            Edit: Just not fast enough these days, which is actually great! It's great to see Tableau Support (Tracy) doing so much of the heavy-lifting on these forums.


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              Bob Nims

              Thank you Shawn.  That works just like I wanted it too.  My goal was to not have to teach the users to lasso the areas but still display the pie chart.

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                Bob Nims

                Thank you Tracy for the fast response.  I was trying to not have to teach them lasso.  I know they will automatically just want to click the spot and see all the results.  Shawns filter trick worked in this scenario.  So nice to have people willing to help us get over these hurdles.  Have a great day!