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    Worksheet Refresh Dimension Recalculation Error

    Jeffrey Smith

      I have a workbook that uses a calculated dimension.

      I typically upload the book to public.

      If I download from public, it looks fine.

      If I open from desktop, the calculated field is now an error labeled "!Calculation_1350305100041715".

      If I recreate the label and save to desktop and public, the same issues reoccur.


      I've tried recreating the worksheet with the same issues.

      I occasionally get an error:

      Invalid field formula due to limitations in the data source.

      Unable to properly calculate the domain for the field 'Calculation_1350305100041715'. Displayed data may be incorrect.


      It's not clear to me what the "limitations to the data source" are.

      The formula I am using is a concatenation of the Major, 1st Concentration, and Degree Dimensions:

      Major + 1st Concentration + Degree


      I am using Desktop 7.0

      The workbook is attached.  Any help appreciated.