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    filter problem with measured value  graphed as std.dev


      My goal is to build a dashboard that monitor SD for a variety of variables within a dataset with time or litter as a grouping variable.  The user will look at one variable at a time.  I have 100+ variables so I don't want to build a dashboard for each rather I have them grouped into screens.


      Column: litter or date

      row:  Measure Names & Measure Value (MV) where MV is selected to be std dev

      Mark: Circle


      Problem:  If I place a quick filter on measure values - I see both the underlying measure value and the Std dev measured values in the filter list. I have multiple graphs showing what I want but I want to visualise one graph at a time and soI untick a variable with std dev in my quick filter - the problem is that the Std Dev form  just disappears.  So I can build it for one,  I can build it with graphics for multiple but not pulling one up at a time.


      Is there a quick fix for this or do I need to do something complicate like generate a parameter which is the variable of interest and then calculate for each variable of interest the SD aggregated for the time/litter or something along those lines.  I am a beginner.  

      thanks for your pointers

      Best wishes