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    Color Banding Cell Colors

    Bob Nims

      I need help with color banding/Highlighting.  Basically I am trying to create a highlight table that will fill a cell background with Red, Yellow, or Green.  The parameters are if SOAR_INDEX is LTE 1.5 then Green...GT 1.5 and LT 2.5 then Yellow...GT 2.5 then Red.  I am not sure how to write this or even make my cell turn a certain color.  I want the SOAR_INDEX cells to show the color.


      Thank you in advance...not sure why this topic is giving me grief.

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          The formula for a calculated field could be something like:


          IF [SOAR_INDEX] <= 1.5 THEN 'Green'

          ELSEIF [SOAR_INDEX] > 2.5 THEN 'Red'

          ELSE 'Yellow'



          but I didn't know what kind of aggregation is appropriate for the SOAR_INDEX. Technically, the formula above should have SUM([SOAR_INDEX]) or MIN([SOAR_INDEX]), etc., because, as you can see from the attached, there could be several [SOAR_INDEX]values for each combination of dimensions.

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            Bob Nims

            Thank you Dimitri.  The formula is very helpful.  I am using SUM and have been able to make it work.  I am really trying to get the cell background to turn red/yellow/or green on the airport runway field.  Is this possible?

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              It is sort-of possible, depending on what else you want to show on the sheet, and how. See attached for three possible options. The Runway 3 option is the most complicated, using table calculations.

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                Bob Nims

                Very cool...so it can be done.  Very tricky using the bar mark and max size.  I think the Runway 3 option is exactly what I am looking for with exception of still needing a row label to indicate runway.  So close...

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                  So you need something like Runway 4 or 5 in the attached?

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                    Bob Nims

                    Thank you for being so helpful.  I think the runway 5 option will work the best for me.  I kept hoping to be able to just hilight the cell backgrounds of my Airport Runway column a certain color.  Must not be possible or I have things laid out improperly.  The solution you provided will work just fine.  Thank you so much for the assist.

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                      You are most welcome, I am glad it helped.

                      It is only possible to colour value cells themselves, not their headers, i.e. labels in columns or rows. To work around this, I just added runway names as labels to value cells, and faked the whole thing.


                      By the way, what is soaring index anyway? Does it have something to do with gliding? Does it make sense to add them up?

                      I have a moderate interest in aviation and just curious about the data.

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                        Bob Nims

                        Hi Dimitri,

                             To optimize landing effeciency...there is a set amount of recommended space between aircraft.  Too little and things can be hazardous...to much and there is an ineffeciency.   So if things were showing as red it would mean that too much time is occuring between landings.  Typical reason might be weather.


                             I have been out of the country since starting my work with Tableau and have had to learn on the fly.  I should be back in the states soon and look forward to taking some classes.  I have done the online stuff of course but it's very nice to have people out there willing to help out a fellow developer.  Thank you again Dimitri.