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    Rename TDE and TWB files

    Gregg Ferguson

      After finally completing development on a couple of TDE and TWB files - I would like to rename and move these files to a final production location.  How does one go about doing this?

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          Ken Patton

          Renaming .twb's is trivially easy. From Windows you can just right-click on the file name and invoke "Rename."


          Or from within Tableau Desktop, you can Save As  ...


          Now, renaming the TDE's on the one hand is easy, but on the other hand will break any Worksheets that use the old TDE name as a Data Source.   For those, you may have to Edit Data Connection to point the Worksheet to the new TDE.    One way to ease the pain is to just Copy the TDE file to the new name, and then deprecate use of the old name over time.