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    How can I colour elements of a circle view based on percentage of total of each column?

    Daniel Thull


      I'm trying to highlight how many brands make up 80% of sales in each country of our region. For each single country I was able to do a nicely coloured bar chart that plots sales for each brand and colours the bars based on the contribution to the country total sales (see below and attached workbook). I used this formula: running_sum(SUM([Sales])) / TOTAL(SUM([Sales])) across the table to colour.

      brand sales contribution.jpg


      In order to show the same information across multiple countries I would like to use a circle view by plotting countries as columns, sales as rows and a circle for each brand.


      circle views.jpg


      Unfortunately I haven't found out how I can colour the brand circles based on their contribution to *country* sales. Can anybody help?